Market Updates

Do you know how many properties similar to your home came on the market this week?  Some sellers do, but do you also know how many homes were sold or taken off the market? 
Markets are constantly changing.  Some sellers try hard to monitor the market using internet sites but are often unaware that their efforts are not producing accurate enough results to be truly useful.  It is one of my jobs to monitor these market changes daily, comprehensively and accurately using advanced tools.  I use the results from these tools that are not available to the public to keep my listing clients informed on a regular basis.
Changes in the competition don’t always require a price adjustment, but they may. Sometimes they just cause me to recommend changes in the marketing approach, putting emphasis on features that are no longer available in currently listed comps. In general, I am proud of the fact that the prices I have established before I list homes for the first time have almost never needed an adjustment.
Whether I ever suggest a price adjustment up or down or whether I recommend no adjustment at all, I'm always concerned that my seller clients enjoy peace of mind that their house is properly priced in the market.  My sellers have sometimes accurately identified a price that I agree will work well for them.  In any case, we have always agreed on whatever the asking price needed to be prior to launching the marketing campaign.
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